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The SBO Recreational Program is for boys in grades 3-12 and girls in grades 3-12.  Players are placed in leagues based on grade.  Each league will have an evaluation of all of its players and drafts will be held to ensure that equal teams are established in each league.  All players will play equally in all games.

There are 4 boy's leagues:

  • 3/4 Grade (Games TBD)
  • 5/6 Grade (Games TBD)
  • 7/8 Grade (Games TBD)
  • 9-12 Grade (Games TBD)

And 3 girl's leagues:

  • 3/4 Grade (Games TBD)
  • 5/6 Grade (Games TBD)
  • 7-10 Grade (Games TBD)

All leagues will play one game on the weekend and have one practice per week for 1 hour.  Each coach will have a dedicated practice time during the week that will be the same time each week.  Practice start times can vary for each team from 6-9pm during the week.

Evaluation day this year will be in Mid-December due to COVID.  Practice will start in January and games will start the weekend of January 9th.

For more information on specific dates go the Recreational News under the "League and Team Information" menu tab or the Events Calendar.